Monday, January 19, 2009

And off we go!

Hurray! New costume blog!

So, plans for two new costumes in 2009. First, new clothes for the Northern California Renaissance Faire. I've been wearing my blue wool kirtle for three or four years now, and while it's still in pretty good shape (needs some minor repairs to boning and hems) and I love the color, the wool is so warm that I can't really layer anything over it without risking heat stroke for the first, oh I dunno, 4 weeks of the run. Plus, I've done a bit more research since I made it, so I'd like to make some updated clothes. The plan is to make a linen kirtle and summer-weight wool fitted English gown from The Tudor Tailor.

Second big project is a new dress for the Great Dickens Christmas Fair. Since I don't work this one, I can do pretty much whatever I want. The plan is to go for c. 1858 up-to-the-minute fashionable gown. I'll be making a new cage crinoline to replace my e-bay special using Truly Victorian's pattern. The dress will have giant pagoda sleeves, fringe, and a huge whitework collar.

So, nine months to finish the faire clothes and almost a full year to finish the Dickens gown. Hmmm, doable? We shall see.


CafeMama said...

I'd love to see your kirtle! I always think of Connie Willis' Doomsday Book when I see the word kirtle. Also. Yipee for pagoda sleeves! My dream Victorian dress that I'll never make has pagoda sleeves!

Melusine said...

What makes you think you'll never make it? I'll totally help you and then drag you to the Dickens Fair where we will pretend to be snooty English victorian ladies and eat meat pies and drink hot buttered rum and eggnog.

CafeMama said...

ooo...can we do that this weekend?

Melusine said...

What, make the dress or pretend to be snooty English Victorian ladies and eat meat pies and drink hot buttered rum and eggnog?